Emergency Preparedness Webinar

Archbishop Lynne and the Provincial Council would like to invite members of the Ecclesiastical Province of BC and Yukon to a specially-designed webinar entitled "Emergency Preparedness: Working Together- Community in Action". On Saturday, February 4, 2023 from 1:00pm-3:00pm Pacific, our keynote speaker Lieutenant Commander The Reverend John Hounsell-Drover will cover the foundations of Disaster and Emergency Management 101 and discuss how parishes and congregations can partner with local agencies and emergency planning groups to support their community when emergency situations arise.

Learn more about the webinar and register HERE. The registration deadline is January 28, 2023.

Feb.4, 2023 Webinar Recording:


In a short period of time, the province of BC has been impacted by wildfires, flooding, snowstorms, and the destruction of homes, businesses, and key infrastructure as well as the loss of human life.

We want to help provide the tools and resources for parishes throughout the Ecclesiastical Province of BC and Yukon to prepare their churches for an emergency and to have a plan in place to be a practical resource (in addition to spiritual) for their surrounding community when a disaster strikes.

Pastoral Letter on Emergency Preparedness- Archbishop Lynne McNaughton

Preparing Your Parish

Emergency Preparedness Guide for Churches 

Household Preparedness

Build an Electronic Family Emergency Plan (20 Minutes)

Household Emergency Preparedness

Neighbourhood Preparedness

PreparedBC: Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide

Government of Yukon: Emergency Preparedness Resources

Environmental Emergency Preparedness

British Columbia

Extreme Heat Events

BC Heat Alert and Response System

PreparedBC’s Heat Preparedness Guide

Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Weather Alerts 

Information about emergency alerts in B.C 

Community Emergency Preparedness Fund


Online Modules

Arson- Protecting Places of Worship

Disaster Mental Health- Introduction

Emergency Social Services (Basic Course)
This online course provides Primary and Secondary Responders with an introduction to emergencies and the essential role that ESS programs play in the response and recovery of a community during times of disaster.


Protect Your Church- Safety Checklist

Flood Damage Prevention Checklist

Electrical Inspection Checklist

Insurance Valuation for Your Building

Disaster Response- Kids & Teens

Ministering to Children After a Disaster

Ministering to Youth (Middle School) After a Disaster

Ministering to Teens After a Disaster


The First 48 Hours: Spiritual Caregivers as First Responders

Recovering from Un-natural Disasters    

Understanding the Role of Spiritual Care in Times of Disaster

Self-Care After a Disaster