SEJ - 2023 Report to Provincial Council

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Responding to increasing and widespread interest in ecological justice issues throughout our ecclesiastical province, the Social and Ecological Justice Working Group (SEJ) prepares both programmes and materials to explore the foundational relationship between Christian faith, justice and the environment. While our remit includes both social and ecological justice, our members presently focus on ecological justice issues, most appropriately in light of the Climate Emergency. 

We do so knowing that our call to steward the gift of creation, both individually and collectively, has been in many cases ignored, even opposed. “The recovery of creation as the horizon of biblical theology encourages us to contribute to the resolution of the ecological crisis,” writes Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann. 

The Fifth Mark of Mission of the Anglican Communion (and the sixth baptismal promise) encourages and challenges us “to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.”  

We strive to connect with dioceses and the Territory of the People though task group representation. We are a small community of missional practitioners informed and connected to local initiatives in our parishes and regions.  

Other aspects of our work include working to raise awareness of the Season of Creation (Sept 1 – Oct 4), Lenten programming and other opportunities throughout the Christian year.  

Presently we are developing and scheduling events and resources around the theme and practice of Christian pilgrimage. Pilgrimage provides an opportunity for increasing awareness of our relationship with issues of justice that are connected to being in a relationship with people or the environment. 

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